Richard M Leiman DDS

Richard M Leiman DDS

Thursday, September 29, 2016

ZOOM! Whitening

Habits like smoking, drinking coffee, and even eating dark fruits can stain teeth over time. While keeping a good dental hygiene routine can help avoid a darkened smile, it can still sometimes seem unavoidable. Here at our Croton on Hudson, NY dental practice, Dr. Richard M Leiman offers his patients ZOOM! Whitening to give them a bright and white smile.

ZOOM! Whitening is a professional whitening system only accessible by dentists. It has many advantages over using store-bought whitening strips including the fact that ZOOM! gives patients dramatic results. ZOOM! Whitening works by applying whitening gel onto teeth and exposing it to a special light. The light activates and accelerates the whitening gel. The whole process takes place here in our office in about one hour. The gel is applied to the teeth three times and is exposed to the light for about twenty minutes each time. ZOOM! Whitening may work differently for everyone depending on the level of staining their teeth have; however, it is able to whiten your smile by eight shades.

Because ZOOM! Whitening is administered by a dentist, you not only know it will work but also know that it is safe. While some store-bought whitening strips are approved by the American Dental Association, there is still room for error. Your dentist, the tooth expert, will know how to apply whitening safely. In addition, dentists know the correct way to apply whitening so that it works the best. Being professional-strength, ZOOM! Whitening goes below the enamel’s surface to break up carbon bonds that hold in yellow or dark staining.
ZOOM! Whitening gets you dramatic whitening results fast. It takes one hour in our office instead of weeks of store-bought whitening strips. To set up an appointment with Dr. Richard M Leiman for ZOOM! Whitening, call our Croton on Hudson, NY office at (914) 271-2011 or visit our website,

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

No Shots! No Drilling! No Pain! Dr. Richard M. Leiman, DDS Utilizes WaterLase Technology at His Dental Practice

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In Croton-on-Hudson, NY, Dr. Richard M. Leiman utilizes laser technology to provide his patients with high-quality general and cosmetic dental care. If visiting the dentist gives you anxiety and the sound of a dental drill makes it worse, Dr. Leiman is here to make you feel as comfortable as possible with WaterLase technology. WaterLase is a revolutionary device that is used instead of the dental drill and brings fearful patients back to the dental chair.

WaterLase is a laser that uses hydrokinetic technology to cut teeth. The device itself produces a laser beam that energizes an exact stream of water that, when directed at a tooth, removes dentin, tooth decay, and cavities. Not only does the laser replace the sound of a dental drill, but it also has the added benefit of eliminating the needle altogether. Additionally, WaterLase has the ability to cut the hardest tissue in the human body – enamel – without heat, vibration or the risk of cross contamination.

High-speed drills can cause hairline cracks and fractures in the teeth that eventually lead to future dental problems. Since WaterLase does not generate heat, vibration or pressure, many dental procedures can be performed nearly pain-free with fewer shots and less need for anesthesia. Furthermore, WaterLase technology reduces trauma and damage to healthy portions of the tooth. Because WaterLase conserves more of your natural tooth structure, it helps you to maintain the natural teeth you were born with.

If you have questions about Waterlase technology or think you may benefit from the procedure, please give us a call. To learn about services provided at our practice, for more information. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Richard M. Leiman, DDS in Croton-on-Hudson, NY call 914-271-2011.